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Dream a little..!
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Much more than a resort
near to bengaluru....
but much away from city..
Life is calling where are you…?
Don’t indulge with the concrete forest…. With same dust…pollution… stress….wann’a walk away from urban area…Where are you…? Come back ….nature is calling… it is chanting your name…. Where you stuck up…?
We understand your thrust…which is driving you till now… fill it..Come back… life is demanding..…with lush acres of sandalwood, Coconut, Mango trees… surrounded by sprawling green meadows and vibrant exotic flowers…Ruppis welcomes you with the new freshness with the context of nature and luxury of fresh air.
When you are looking for a hidden holiday..? Are you looking for the perfect family holiday? Want to beat the summer heat and city stress? Are you want to see the rainbow in the rainy season, here is to find it – get out of the world, come to Ruppis Resort. Located very near near to Bangeluru and for away from the urban area. It offers you total privacy on this naturally designed land.
Its different , depending on your preference, you have the choice to stay in Deluxe apartments with private balconies, kitchenette, dinning space, Minibar, double bathroom, the list goes on…it has got varying range of cottages to suit every need and every family…!
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